What is moxa?
Moxibustion, or moxa, uses the heat from burning mugwort on the body to create warmth and promote healing. Moxa may be burned directly on the skin and removed before actually burning the skin. Or, it can be burned indirectly so there’s no chance of a burn just the nice warmth from the herb. Moxa comes in loose/wool, roll, stick-on, and stick forms. The variety of forms allows moxa to be used for multiple conditions on various parts of the body.

Why is moxa used?
Burning moxa creates warmth, which alone encourages muscles to relax. Burning an herb on the skin also takes advantage of the herb’s medicinal properties. Moxa tonifies Qi (the energy of the body) and blood (the nourishment of the body). The warming and nourishing effects of mugwort encourage the smooth flow of Qi and blood throughout the body. The stagnation, or poor circulation, of Qi and blood creates pain. Moxa warms and encourages movement of Qi and blood to reduce pain.

Is moxa for me?
Talk to your acupuncturist about using moxa for your aches and pains. Licensed acupuncturists receive training in the use of moxa and can discuss the benefits of moxa for your condition.

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