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At Affinity Acupuncture, we’re so excited to welcome a new acupuncturist to the Billings, Montana community! Kimberly (Kimber) Brown is a licensed acupuncturist with over 15 years of experience. She specializes in an evidence based approach to treatments with a combination of acupuncture, herbs, and nutrition. Her schedule is open now AND she’s accepting new patients! Plus, she’s offering a brand new service to Affinity Acupuncture, too: functional nutrition consults!

What Is Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition takes a holistic look at your overall health and wellbeing. If you’re struggling with fertility, stress or anxiety, high cholesterol, or a wide variety of health issues and looking for a natural, holistic approach, then a functional nutrition consult is exactly for you! Looking to make changes in diet and lifestyle as well as utilize targeted supplementation to address your health issues? Trying to avoid adding on just another prescription? Ready to find optimal health and feel your best? The first step is to book a functional nutrition consult!

At your initial functional nutrition consult, we’ll do a thorough consultation to discuss your overall health, health history, and health goals. The first appointment takes about an hour so we can dive deep into your health. Pleae bring all current medication and supplement bottles to your first appointment. From there, we create an individualized treatment plan utilizing lifestyle changes, diet modifications, and supplementation based on your body and your health goals.

After your initial visit, it is recommended to do a short check-in appointment after 2-4 weeks so we can see how you’re feeling and progressing. At your check-in appointment, we can make any adjustments as needed to help you feel your best and reach your health goals.

How Do I Get Started?

Ready to dive in to your health with functional nutrition? The first step is to book a consult with our acupuncturist, Kimber Brown! Limited appointment times are available so make sure to book your spot now. She even has availability on Saturdays! Give us a call at (406) 272-0474 or book online using the link below!

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