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Red Light Therapy

Natural, non-invasive therapies that benefit the whole body

Light therapies have quickly emerged as a safe, effective modality with wide ranging benefits. NASA first developed red light therapy for use in space and now the benefits of red, yellow, blue, and infrared wave lengths are widely used.

With different wave lengths of light, some visible and some not, we can target different tissues or trigger different responses in the body. At Affinity Acupuncture, we combine the powerful effects of our red/blue/yellow light therapy lamp with our infrared stone therapy mat for whole body benefit in our Rejuvenation Room.


Relieve pain + decrease inflammation


Reduce stress + boost energy


Minimize fine lines + wrinkles


Reduce acne breakouts + scarring


Boost the immune system

Red light therapy

 Originally developed by NASA, red light therapy provides powerful results for fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scars, uneven skin tone, hair loss, non-healing wounds, and more. Our professional grade lamp also include blue and yellow light therapies.

Blue light wave lengths target and destroy bacteria and viruses on the skin. This makes blue light an excellent option for treating stubborn acne or other skin infections.

Yellow light provides relief for those suffering from hyperpigmentation or rosacea. Often, we combine red, blue, and yellow light so your skin can absorb all of these benefits.

red light LED therapy
massage at affinity acupuncture

Infrared Stone Therapy Mat

Infrared therapy is considered a form of light therapy. Infrared light cannot be seen but is experienced as heat. However, infrared heat penetrates more deeply than a traditional heating mat and affects the body in a much more powerful way.

Laying on our body length mat provides relief from acute and chronic pain, arthritis, and inflammation. In addition, the mat contains seven different gemstones that give the added benefits of whole body balance and relaxation to decrease stress and anxiety and support healthy sleep.

Infrared stone therapy sessions last 20 minutes and best results are typically seen with weekly sessions.

Rejuvenation Room

Combine the benefits of professional grade infrared and red light therapy with a 20 minute session in our Rejuvenation Room

Single Rejuvenation Room Session

An introduction or tune up

  • Includes red light therapy + infrared stone therapy mat
  • 20 minute session
  • Choice of aromatherapy
  • Deeply relaxing + rejuvenating



Rejuvenation Room 10-Session Package

For best results

  • Includes red light therapy + infrared stone therapy mat
  • 10 sessions, each 20 minutes
  • Choice of aromatherapy
  • Experience optimal results for pain relief, inflammation, eczema/psoriasis/acne, and more with consistent weekly sessions



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