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Optimize your chances of conceiving and support a health pregnancy

Fertility issues can be frustrating. A holistic approach aims to treat the whole body so that you have the best chances of conceiving naturally or with the help of reproductive technology, such as IUI or IVF.


Regulate menstural cycles


Improve egg quality


Improve sperm quality


Increase blood flow to reproductive organs


Improve uterine lining


Reduce stress


Improve success rates of IUI or IVF


Decrease chances of miscarriage


Support a healthy pregnancy

Our Approach to Optimizing Fertility

Trying to conceive? Struggling with irregular cycles? Painful periods? PCOS? Endometriosis?

Whether you’ve just started trying or are moving into IUI or IVF, we can help optimize your chances of conceiving. Not looking to conceive but still struggling with hormonal imbalances? We can help there, too.

The first step is to schedule a consultation. We’ll take an in depth look at your overall health as well as your hormonal health. Then, we’ll answer any questions you may have. From there, we’ll come up with an individualized treatment plan based on your current health and goals.

At Affinity Acupuncture, we specialize in an integrative approach to help optimize your fertility and hormone health naturally by getting to the root of your issues. No “band-aid” treatments here.

mira fertility tracker

Mira Fertility Tracker


At Affinity Acupuncture, we love Mira! Mira provides powerful insight into your fertility and helps you optimize your fertile window when TTC (trying to conceive).

It uses a palm sized, lab grade machine to instantly give you insight into your estrogen, progesterone, and LH levels – all from the comfort of home. And, don’t worry – there’s no needles here. Mira uses a urine sample so testing is painless

Click the button below to learn more about Mira, and if you decide to buy, use code “DRJACY15” for 15% off!

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