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Are you thinking about trying to conceive? Or maybe you’ve been trying but experiencing some struggles? Maybe you’ve moved into IUI or IVF? Fertility struggles can be overwhelming. It is such an exciting time, but it can be very frustrating when things don’t go the way you expected. A great way to support optimal fertility and a healthy pregnancy is with high quality supplements.

Jacy’s Recommended Fertility & Pregnancy Supplements

When trying to figure out the best supplements to support fertility and a healthy pregnancy, it can be majorly overwhelming. So I’ve narrowed it down for you. Here are some of my favorite supplements:

Prenatal vitamin: This is definitely the most important when you’re trying to conceive, pregnant, or breast feeding. If you’re hoping to conceive in the near future, try starting a prenatal at least 3 months in advance. Make sure it includes vitamin D and look for a brand that specifically contains the active, methylated form of folate: 5-MTHF or methylfolate.

Fish oil: Omega 3’s in fish oil are anti-inflammatory and provide important nutrients for a developing baby.

Probiotic: Good digestive health is vital for overall wellness and optimal fertility.

CoQ10: An important antioxidant to combat oxidative stress and support healthy mitochondrial function. Research shows it improves egg quality, too!

How to Choose High Quality Supplements?

Not all supplements are the same. The most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best, but the cheapest option may not have the quality or dosage to get your optimal results. That’s why I’ve linked to my favorite supplements above. Curious about what to look for when choosing high quality supplements? Learn more here!

We carry many of our favorite supplements in the office, but you can also purchase through us online for a 10% discount automatically applied to all orders, every time.

Questions about supplements or dosing? Ask your acupuncturist or another healthcare provider!

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