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The world of nutritional supplements can be overwhelming. What do you take? How much do you take? How do you choose high quality supplements with so many choices out there?

First of all, I think it is VERY important to realize that just because it is a nutritional supplement/natural/etc, does NOT mean it is 100% safe. I encourage you to take a look at all the supplements you’re taking and ask yourself, “why am I taking this?” Is it something a healthcare provider recommended specifically for you or was it something you saw on TV? Too much of a “good” thing is not always a good thing. Always check with a healthcare provider when in doubt or to get an audit of all the supplements and medications you’re taking.

Once you figure out the best supplements for you, make sure that you’re choosing a supplement that is safe, effective, and worth the cost. The cheapest option may not always be the most effective or highest quality. However, the most expensive one does not guarantee that highest quality either. So, how do you choose high quality supplements?

Read the Ingredients

First of all, look at the ingredients list. See what form of the substance is in the supplement, what dosage, and any extra or unnecessary ingredients. For instance, there are many different forms of magnesium with varying properties and bioavailability. Does the supplement have the form your body needs and can absorb, and does it have the dosage that you need? If you have to take multiple pills/capsules/tablets/etc then that particular one may not be very cost effective, and if it’s in a form that your body cannot use or absorb then that is definitely not going to be helpful. So make sure you’re reading the ingredients before making any purchases.

Evaluate the Brand

Second, check the label for 3rd party certified/registered with cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices). Some credible 3rd party organizations include NSF, US Pharmacopeia, UL, and Natural Products Association. This ensures that the company is producing supplements according to FDA guidelines and their quality is verified by an independent party.

Ask a Professional

Lastly, when in doubt, ask your acupuncturist! At your next appointment, we can review supplements you’re taking and make any necessary adjustments.

Affinity Acupuncture only carries high quality nutritional substances and herbs that follow Good Manufacturing Practices. We carry many products in the office, or you can shop numerous high quality brands on our online dispensary to receive at 15% discount on every order.

Please reach out with any questions. Affinity Acupuncture is here to help you live your life to the fullest with less pain and better health!

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